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Key benefits

Which superpowers do you gain with the SEO Content tool?

AUTOMATE your SEO content output with ease
CREATE always original SEO content
CLIMB SERPs to let your audience find the pieces of content they need
How do we do it?

It’s simple, through the perfect balance between the power of language tech and human intelligence

Start from a short keyword

01 type in a short or mid-tail keyword
02 select the language of your content
03 obtain your SEO-optimized content

Start from an instruction

01 write down a simple and clear instruction with bullet points
02 choose the language of your content
03 let our AI and copywriters do the rest
Price list

Check our best prices

SEO Content
Input typeKeywordInstruction
IT 12.00 € 12.48 $ 9.40 € 9.77 $
ES 12.00 € 12.48 $ 9.40 € 9.77 $
EN 20.00 € 20.8 $ 16.10 € 16.74 $
FR 20.00 € 20.8 $ 16.10 € 16.74 $

Choose the best plan for your needs

Pay as you go Min. amount required is € 50 $ 52
Recharge Maximum flexibility and no commitment. Budget according to your needs.

An example of what you get with 50€ recharge:

2 SEO Articles
2 Product descriptions
40 Searches with AI Brainstorming

Save 10% € 79 / Month $ 82 / Month € 88 $ 92
Standard Subscription One subscription. Many tools.

An example of what you can get per month:

3 SEO Articles
4 Product descriptions
40 Searches with AI Brainstorming

Best-seller Save 15% € 116 / Month $ 121 / Month € 137 $ 142
Premium Subscription One subscription. Many tools.

An example of what you can get per month:

4 SEO Articles
6 Product descriptions
100 Searches with AI Brainstorming

Personalized Plan Tailored solutions for complex needs
Custom Subscription Not sure what plan is right for you? Need a customized content approach?

Tell us a bit about your needs and let our team come up with a package to help you & your team create more, better content.

Industry Trends Simply brief one of your expert copywriters to obtain a killer piece of content based on one of the topics you’ve just found! Industry Trends
 Industry Trends
Brainstorm Get the most out of the ideas you got to create stop-scrolling pieces of content Brainstorm
Brief a writer Translate your shiny piece of content into different languages to let your brand go international. Brief a writer
Brief a writer
E-commerce Localize your product descriptions into different languages with our translation tool and take your business abroad. E-commerce
Translation Convert your translation into an audio track to leave your customers speechless. Translation
Audio ↔ Text Head back to the ideation phase, with fresh insights and clever ideas to boost your content production. Audio ↔ Text
Audio ↔ Text