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What is Contents?

Contents was created with the aim of providing innovative solutions for the ideation, creation, and transformation using advanced tools specific to any requirement: all in a single application platform.

What can Contents do for me?

Contents provides you with an integrated platform of tools for the conception, creation, and transformation of content. All we ask of you is to explode your creativity and we will take care of the rest.
Each product is carefully designed to meet a specific requirement:
– Brainstorm;
– Industry Trends;
– Brief a Writer;
– SEO Content;
– E-commerce;
– Translation;
– Audio ↔ Text.

How can I use Contents products?

You have two possibilities in order to use of our products:
– Make a single payment (minimum amount: €50);
– Subscribe on a monthly basis.
You can find more information in the Pricing section

How can I talk to an expert?

To talk to an expert, you can write to us at [email protected]

Where can I find my orders?

You can check your orders in the My Orders section of your account. All orders you have placed are divided by category (Brainstorm, Industry Trends, Brief a writer, SEO Content, E-commerce, Translation, Audio ↔ Text) and include the order number, its date, its price, its status, and a summary of its details.

How can I request a Demo?

If you would like to request a Demo of our products write to us at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to arrange an appointment with you.

What languages do Contents products support?

Our machine translation tool supports any language. Machine translation services with proofreading, professional translation, and all copywriting products are available in the following languages: Italian, English, French, and Spanish.

How does the process of requesting and delivering an order work?

When your order is placed, copywriters have five days to select it and take charge of it. From then, they have 24 hours to complete the writing of your content and deliver it to you. At that point, you have two options:
– You are happy with the content and decide to accept it (the order is considered completed);
– The content is unsatisfactory and you request a correction (a maximum of three corrections are allowed for each order).
For each correction request, the copywriter will have an additional 24 hours to fulfill your requests.
If, on the other hand, no copywriter takes charge of your order, after five days it will automatically expire and you will have to place it again.

Can I request a piece of content longer than 1000 words?

No, you can’t. Our platform allows you to request pieces of content for a maximum of 1000 words.
If you have different needs, you will have to contact [email protected]
Our consultants will be able to help you work out a taylor-made solution.

Our products

Industry Trends
What can I do with Industry Trends?

Industry Trends allows you to explore the topics that are most sought-after by users in your industry.

What is Industry Trends for?

Industry Trends helps you create up-to-date and relevant content, letting you keep up with the hot topics you’re interested in.

Are the texts created with Brainstorm automatically generated?

Yes, they are. Brainstorm is based on a powerful automatic text generator.

Which kind of keywords can I enter?

You can enter everything that comes to your mind: individual words, definitions, questions, and so on. You just have to be creative!

What is the purpose of the slider?

The slider is used to manage the output of Brainstorm according to the type of content you want to get: purely informative or more creative.

Why should I use Brainstorm?

Brainstorm is the ideal tool if you need to find inspiration and new ideas to create content for your target audience.

Brief a writer
Are texts generated automatically or written by copywriters?

The texts are written by our copywriters.

Which types of texts can I request?

Press releases, articles, love letters… our copywriters can write anything you want.

How many texts can I request per month?

There is no monthly limit: you can request as many texts as you want!

How are texts assigned to copywriters?

The texts are chosen and written by copywriters according to their skills and areas of interest. All copywriters have taken an internal evaluation test examined directly by Contents to guarantee you high-quality content.

What is the purpose of the guidelines?

Our guidelines are the instructions that each copywriter needs to write the perfect content for you. To create a new guideline, select the option “Create new guidelines” and define: the main goal, the audience you want to target, the target platform, your competitors, text structure, tone of voice, and the messages you want to communicate.

How much time does the copywriter have to write my text?

Once the order is taken over, the copywriter has 24 hours to complete the writing of your text.

If I don’t like the text I received, can I request a correction?

Yes, if you don’t like the content you received, you can request up to three corrections.

What happens if nobody takes charge of my order?

If no copywriter takes charge of your content within five days, the order expires and you will have to place it again.

Why should I use Brief a writer?

Brief a writer is ideal if you need highly original and personalized content that will be created by our team of copywriters based on the information provided in your guidelines.

SEO Content
Is SEO content generated automatically or is it written by copywriters?

SEO content is created by our powerful automatic text generator.

Can I use the proofreading service?

All SEO content is reviewed by our proofreaders before it is delivered.

How can I share my content needs?

You can create SEO content from your keywords or from a title or summary. Either way, our automatic text generator will create the right content for you.

Why should I use SEO Content?

SEO content allows you to get SEO-optimised article drafts based on your keywords or summary, to which you will only have to give your final creative touch.

Which type of content can I get with E-commerce?

With E-commerce you can obtain product sheets and texts for E-commerce.

Is E-commerce content written by copywriters?

Product descriptions can be generated by our AI or created by our expert copywriters.

Is E-commerce content written from an SEO perspective?

Yes, e-commerce content is always optimized from an SEO perspective.

What is the purpose of the guidelines?

Your guidelines are the instructions that the copywriter needs to write the perfect content for you and your E-commerce. To create a new guideline, select the option “Create new guidelines” and define: the main goal, the audience you want to target, the target platform, your competitors, the text structure, the tone of voice, and the messages you want to communicate.

Why should I use E-commerce?

E-commerce is the ideal tool if you need optimised product descriptions and copy for your E-commerce.

Can I choose between manual and machine translation?

Yes, you can choose whether to have your text translated by a professional translator or use our machine translation.

Which languages are supported by the translation service?

Machine translation supports any language. Manual translation and machine translation with proofreading support Italian, English, French, and Spanish.

If I choose machine translation, can I use the proofreading service?

Yes, if you choose machine translation you can have the translation reviewed by a proofreader: just select the option the “proof-read this translation”.

If the translation I received isn’t up to my standards, can I request a correction?

Yes, if the translation you have received isn’t up to your standards and you think it can be improved, you can request up to 3 corrections.

Why should I use Translation?

Translation is the tool designed for people addressing international audiences and who need reliable translations for their content.

Audio ↔ Text
Which kind of audio files can I upload?

You can upload audio files in mp3, mp4, m4a, flac, ogg, webm, amr or wav format.

Which type of text file can I upload?

You can upload text files in CSV, PDF, TXT or DOC format.

Can I choose a specific voice to generate the audio file?

Yes, Contents provides you with a vast repertoire of female and male voices to choose from.

Why should I use Audio ↔ Text?

Audio ↔ Text allows you to diversify your content, and exploit the potential of different formats. Have you ever wandered to automatically turn episodes of your podcast into articles for your blog? With Audio ↔ Text you can do it effortlessly!

Billing & Payments

How much does Contents cost?

Contents offers two different pricing options. You can access our products by making a single payment (minimum amount: 50€) or by subscribing to one of our monthly subscriptions at a discounted price. If neither of these options works for you, get in touch with us: we will develop a solution tailored to your specific needs.

Which are the payment methods?

If you wish to activate a monthly subscription, you can only use your credit card. If you’d like to make a single wallet recharge, instead, you can also use PayPal.

How do I cancel my Contents subscription?

To cancel your subscription, log in to your account and click delete account. If you delete your account you will no longer be able to access Contents’ services and your data will be permanently erased.