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A great content strategy is all about knowing what to write about, and when to write about it – but staying up-to-date with key conversations is an uphill struggle. By the time you’ve done the research, written, proofread, and published your content, it feels like things have moved on.  

Thanks to industry trends, staying relevant has never been easier. Discover your industry’s hottest topics and create always new content.

The more, the merrier

You can check your industry trending topics for free as part of your signup package – but if you work across multiple sectors you can always add more! You can search news about the industry you are interested in, and have as many as you want running at the same time.

Keep one step ahead with accurate metrics

Industry trends include up-to-the minute metrics about published news articles. We also generate a sentiment score, so that you can keep ahead of public opinion about key industry conversations and respond appropriately.

Keep an eye on the market

You can set up as many industry trending topics as you want to give you exactly the coverage you need.

At-a-glance metrics

Latest news report coverage and overall sentiment, in a format you can understand from first glance.

Adjustable timings

Hourly? Weekly? Monthly? Choose how often to receive updates so that you’re kept informed in a way that suits you.

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