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All those product descriptions on your to-do list?
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Taking the grunt work out of your product copy

Writing product copy can feel like a real chore – particularly when you have a lot of items to catalog and a big list of keywords to hit sitting in front of you. If only there was a near-instant e-commerce copy drafting service you could use to cut down on the tedious bits…

Wish no more, because that’s exactly what our e-commerce writing tool does for you. Simply upload your requirements and our AI software or copywriters will give you an optimized, high-quality product description. It’s that simple.

The right keywords for the right audience

Making a sale is all about getting your products in front of a ready-to-buy audience. Our product descriptions are always optimized with keywords that get you the right clicks at the right time. Identify your own primary keywords, then sit back and watch the magic happen.

Rule the world’s largest online marketplaces

Amazon, eBay, Facebook Marketplace. Huge opportunities for a sales boost. Equally, super competitive. How do you get your products to stand out? Our e-commerce tool is desigend so that your products get seen by the right people and revenue comes rolling in.

Get going, start selling

Just quickly upload your product descriptions on your e-commerce and start getting those clicks ASAP.

Work in bulk

Product copy is rarely a singular task. Our e-commerce tool helps you to nix your to-do list and get what seems like a mountain of a task complete in hours.

Benefit from human-led proofreading

Content will always be a people-focused discipline. That’s why our editorial team not only can create content from scratch, but also check the ai-generated content.

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