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All AIs on you

Bogged down by copy-related gruntwork? Not enough hours in the day to make your content really shine?

It’s a common problem for content professionals everywhere. You want more from your content strategy – you want to engage with hot topics, be the shining star of social, run a blog that everyone in your industry checks on their commute…but the time it takes to make great content gets in the way.

That’s why we built Contents.

Our AI tools automate first-stage content production, allowing you to focus on the parts that really matter. More creativity. Less poring over keyword spreadsheets. Quicker content production, so you lead the conversation rather than follow it.

Why do we exist?

To quickly cover our background: we started back in 2017 as a digital publisher, building a global audience of around 10 million people.

Increasingly, we found ourselves over-focusing on low-level admin work at the expense of doing anything genuinely innovative. “It’s the twenty-first century” we thought. “Couldn’t we let the AI do this sort of stuff?”

Over the next five years, we initially built and honed our technological solutions to take our own content production stratospheric. Now, with a huge amount of AI and data analysis expertise behind us, we’re making these tools available to other content creators. Why?

Because we exist to make content creation fun again.

Because there’s always room for more brilliant content in the world.

Because we want to push boundaries rather than uphold them.

What makes us so special?

Ironically, for an AI-based content marketing startup, we’re in the market for more human creativity, not less of it. For us, AI is an aid, not a replacement. We use it to create a jumping-off point for:

  • AI brainstorming with the latest in natural language processing tech;
  • Topic research and content trend identification;
  • SEO articles, e-commerce product descriptions, and classic copywriting;
  • Content translation;
  • Two-way text/audio conversions.

All articles, e-commerce, translations and transcription orders are then checked by one of our expert team of editors and translators. Our brainstorming tool generates copy instantly to help those ideas flow.

The result? A high-quality draft that you can adapt to your own needs. Make it more creative. Adapt it to your own tone of voice. Do whatever you want with it – the only limit is your imagination.

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